Accessibility Information

The main entrance to the museum is by way of a steep setted lane, although alternative level access is available via the top floor, by prior arrangement--contact reception or ring 01484 659762.

These are Victorian Cottages with stone floors and floor mats in period rooms. It must be noted that there are a significant number of steps within the building. There are ramps between rooms and double handrails are fitted to most stairs. Toilets are located on the middle and top floor and are wheelchair accessible.
Guide /Assistance dogs (only) welcome.

A full Access Statement is available by post from the museum, or from

Website Accessibility

This website has been designed with accessibility standards in mind. If you have any feedback on the website, please do contact us.

The Collection

The Museum Collection consists of three main categories: Textile, Domestic and Clog-making.

We operate a rotation system, whereby artefacts are on display at various times in the museum, either in an exhibition or within the period rooms.

We can arrange for members of the public to view specific items in our Collection by appointment.
Please telephone 01484 65972 or contact us.